ICT PTO Committees

School Support and Engagement

This committee will be responsible for connecting the Invest Collegiate community by organizing fun events and activities for the Champions, their families, and Collegiate Leaders. This would include planning and coordinating event logistics, sponsors, and volunteers for the following:   

  • Family nights (restaurants, movies, and games) 
  • Royal Scribes Monthly News Letter
  • Classroom Parent 
  • Teacher Appreciation 


This committee is responsible for key fundraising activities throughout the year, including:   

  • Champion Store – Coordinate volunteers to staff the      store and help the vendor in maintaining the online stores sales through      marketing and promotion.
  • Book Fairs – The Book Fair is a chance for Champions to      buy books at school and a portion of the proceeds benefit Invest      Collegiate. Volunteers will be needed for the setting up and staffing      during the fair. 
  • International Fall Festival – The committee will work      closely with an Invest Collegiate Liaison to help with planning and      coordinating volunteers.
  • Corporate funding programs – Box Tops, Store Cards,      etc. 


This committee will be instrumental in recruiting, tracking, and aligning volunteers to various volunteer opportunities within the PTO.  

Men of Invest

This committee consist of fathers, grandfathers, uncles or elder male relatives of Champions that support the school by hosting special events and gatherings and special fundraising.   

  • Mentoring 
  • School Garden 
  • Campus Beautification 
  • Drop Off and Pick-up